Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions - SOHO 4 Water Maker

Q. How does the Watermaker work?
A. The atmosphere holds a lot of water which is free for the taking. Watermaker uses refrigeration techniques which condenses this humidity from air. Air is sucked through the system through an electro static filter. Cooled coils located in the path of the air provide a temperature differential between the air and the coil surface resulting in condensation which is funneled into a holding tank which has a level switch controlling the water making cycle. Water is then passed through various filters to remove solids, oxygenates, and to remove any odor and remove any bacterial content. Pure cold drinking water is then supplied through the dispensing tap.

Q. How will it operate in areas with no humidity?
A. Low humidity conditions are a challenge for any system that extracts moisture from the air. The system will not produce water during the day in deserts or in very hot climates due to less humidity. However it will still produce water at night due to the dew point factor. The machine will trip off when the humidity goes below 35RH.

Q. What happens when I am away for a weekend?
A. The machine when full up, shuts down into sleep mode, thus saving electricity. The water will be reticulated daily automatically.

Q. Are there any preservatives?
A. No. The water is regularly reticulated daily through the filters and UV light to keep the water sweet.

Q. Does the Watermaker meet current EPA testing standards?
A. It more than meets the current standards of the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and also World Health Organization (WHO) norms.

Q.How does the water stay fresh?
A.Water stays fresh due to the continuous filtration process governed by a timer.

Q. How often do I need to change the water filters?
A. Every 6 months. The screen will light up indicating you need a filter change. This is dependent on the amount of water you use.

Q. What sort of air filter is it?
A. It is an electrostatic filter. Same as you find in a lot of air conditioner filters.

Q. How often do I need to clean the air filter?
A. Depending on where the machine is located and air quality however about once a month you should look at the electrostatic air filter and if it appears dirty then rinse it out with a tap or hose water and replace.

Q. How is Watermaker powered?
A. Watermaker can operate on electrical power, solar power or with oil powered generators.

Q. What sort of power point do I need?
A. A normal household 10 amp 3 pin plug delivering 240 Volts.

Q. How much power does the machine consume making water?
A. The machine runs on the equivalent of approx 4 light bulbs. About 2 amps.

Q. What is the machine’s lifespan?
A. If the machine is used as designed and as specified in the owner’s manual, and proper maintenance procedures are employed, then the unit will operate will over 15 years.

Q. What is the warranty on SOHO?
A. SOHO comes with a repairable warranty for 12 months from date of purchase.

Q. What is the service backup provided?
A. Full technical support for servicing, repairs and maintenance available locally from an appointed authorized company. (SKY AQUA, Port Elizabeth)

Q. What temp is the water dispensed at?
A. Cold water is dispensed at 02-05 degrees.

Q. How much water per day will the machine make?
A. At 70% humidity the machine will make 25 liters in 24hours. However, in most places the humidity increases at night and thus the machine will make more during the evening hours than say 12 noon on the verandah.

Q. Will it work in air conditioned environment?
A. Yes. Humidity in air conditioned homes and offices are generally in the range of 55-65%.

Q. How much water does the machine store?
A. A total of 20 liters.

Q. What conditions does the machine work best under?
A. 20-40 °C temperature and 35% or higher humidity. Coastal, hinterland and tropical areas are perfect.

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